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For over twenty-five years, The Leading Edge has worked with many leading brands to help them find their edge. By connecting brands with what matters most, illuminating new possibilities and providing a clear way forward, TLE has become a trusted Strategic Consultancy.

With offices in Australia and the UK, we work on branding, innovation and customer experience assignments, both domestic and global, using a range of different consumer research approaches.

Known for loving the ‘tough’ problems, The Leading Edge is the partner many turn to in their need to get to better outcomes for their brands and businesses.


The Consultant is an experienced qualitative focussed client services professional, leading client engagement end to end, ensuring a strategic qualitative deliverable rather than purely research deliverable.

This role is accountable for integrating TLE within the client, developing business and leading project engagements. The Consultant is expected to have a view of the client’s strategic issues, and what needs to be addressed in engagements clearly articulating this view. 
Outside of existing clients, this role has a strong emphasis around the following areas:

  • Business Development – attracting, engaging and converting new business opportunities, on an ongoing basis
  • Profile Development – on-going activities that help develop The Leading Edge and personal profile within the industry. This will be a key element of the role.



  • Providing strong support to the Director of the team to manage key client relationships - ensuring growth and profitability
  • Leading on own clients where appropriate and working closely with the wider business teams to create bespoke client teams to deliver industry leading work
  • Responsibility for consistently delivering target profitability and quality of client engagements 
  • Ensures that team are abreast of key client issues flagged to them and ensures junior team members are adequately trained/supported where appropriate Positions TLE’s qualitative and strategic capabilities effectively with key clients to showcase the breadth of the offer
  • Adopts best practice ways to look after clients and deliver work, driving these approaches with the team
  • Able to influence client decision makers
  • Develops sound commercial thinking and brings to bear in all client engagements


  • Able to independently run strategic qualitative projects end-to-end (Identifying opportunity, taking a brief, developing a pitch and proposal, running the project and delivering the results and recommendations)
  • Capable practitioner of discipline across core aspects of qualitative research, with an understanding of how quantitative work can seamlessly blend in to projects too
  • Leading brainstorming analysis sessions, formulating hypothesis and opinion
  • Interprets & analyses data to formulate appropriate conclusions for clients
  • Effectively lead presentation of findings and recommendations to client

Offer/Project Delivery

  • Stays abreast of the latest in qualitative research and insight solutions to ensure the highest quality of the TLE offer to the client – recommending and implementing new and different techniques where advantageous 
  • Has a strong awareness of quality assurance (ensuring consistency of TLE standards, discipline skills) within team. Supports and advises junior team members in cases where standards are not met as to how to get back on track
  • Participates in ongoing skills development both inside and outside of TLE’s business
  • Contributes to TLE IP development and is a strong general practitioner
  • Keen to build a presence in the industry by attending events, writing blogs etc.


  • Continually improving their own capability in client servicing and discipline research skills
  • Coaches team members as necessary to ensure collaborative client focused relationships to achieve exceptional client outcomes
  • Demonstrates powerful and charismatic ability to sell the TLE offer. The verbal and written communication skills are strong and can clearly delegate and communicate roles to team members
  • Can demonstrate client delight in project delivery


  • Responsible for ensuring projects are completed within budget 
  • Responsible for ensuring all internal systems are updated with profit & costs

Growing a Better Business

  • Maintains a strategic focus on our business and the business of current and potential clients in order to leverage business opportunities for the team
  • Has a strategic understanding of the client’s business needs and objectives and are able to articulate this in the form of the TLE offer
  • Identifies business threats and opportunities and proactively communicates this internally
  • Strategically maintains a network of industry contacts and relationships with key clients


  • Degree level educated
  • 6+ years in a leading research consultancy or similar with a strong qualitative research focus 
  • A love of new business; has been part of successful pitch teams previously
  • Demonstrates the ability to build and maintain strong networks and relationships
  • Experience in developing clients and technical service capability

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Our Manifesto

  • The edge is the difference
  • The hidden potential is what takes you from being good to being great
  • But unleashing it isn’t for the faint hearted
  • The world is shifting with every tick of the clock
  • We embrace the unknown
  • Because there’s no glory without guts
  • No possibility without passion
  • No magic without mayhem
  • So stir your curiosity
  • Unleash your potential
  • Together, we’ll embark on a mission to be better than yesterday

Our Values

  • Be Brave

    It takes courage and grit to unleash hidden potential. Driven by a desire to find the edge for our clients, we are fearless when it comes to the unknown.

  • Embrace Ingenuity

    Walk away from the crowd. Discard the rulebook. We define fresh approaches to research and craft innovative ways to unlock our clients’ potential.

  • Be Yourself

    Show your true colours. Reveal your beliefs. Share your instincts. Our passions and individuality make us magnetic.

  • Stay Curious

    We are explorers of the world, the mind and the heart. Our boundless passion drives us to find edges that are unexpected, unique and powerful.

  • Nurture Relationships

    We care about our clients and colleagues every step of the way, championing their journey to greatness. Our connections shape who we are.